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Monitoring & Management

Manage your fleet like a pro.
Free Up To 50 Workers
Dashboard With operational Insights
Comprehensive Workers Overview
Network Scanner
Bulk Restart, Shutdown, Change Pool
detailed Energy Reports
Invoicing and Financial Reports
Notifications and Alerts
CRM with Dashboards For Customers
Granular Customer Permissions
Create Teams And Roles
Sitemaps for site layout
As Low as $0.25 Per Worker


Balance the grid to increase revenue.
Schedule-Based: Select The Dates And Time
API-Based: Integrated With CSP, Hands-Off Approach
bring Hash Down in 1 Minute, get Hash Up in 3 Minutes
Full transparency and Audit-ability
Custom CSP Integrations
As Low as $0.15 Per Worker

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/ Machine per Month
Your Monthly Price Total is $7,500

Automatic Hosting Payments


Automatic Hosting Payments

Put your hosting related billing on autopilot
Smart-Wallets For Customers And Hosting Providers
Deposit/Withdraw With Crypto/Fiat
Daily Settlements At 00:00 UTC
calculations Based on Energy Reports
Pricing Tiers, customize hosting rate
Automatic Pool-Change on Non-Payment
2% From Hosting Payment