Meet the history of Krater

Founded in 2021, Krater Tech is a development company focused on using technology to solve operations problems for miners and hosting providers.

We are a team of technology enthusiasts with a background in mining since 2011. We have built a business from the ground up and understand the pain points in acquiring mining equipment, finding hosting options and running hosting operations. In the course of researching solutions to these problems, we discovered that many others were experiencing similar difficulties—and that’s how Krater Tech was born!

In 2021 we launched an MVP marketplace for mining operations with multiple users, hosting locations, mining models etc. Since then we have been focusing on making it easy for people to start mining as well as to reduce overheads for hosting operators by helping them reach new markets through our platform.

Meet the team of Krater

Javier Hermosa
Chief Executive Officer
Hennadii Ahanesian
Chief Technology Officer
Dmytryi Khirnyi
Fullstack Developer

At Krater Tech, we're the ones who made sure you were able to mine crypto, use your crypto to buy a delicious burrito, and then use that burrito to fuel the rest of your day.

And you know what? We're not done yet.

We started out as miners ourselves, trying to figure out how we could get more done with less. That's why our software is designed for miners and hosting providers alike—we want to help you automate operations and match supply and demand all in one place: on our platform.