Our First Blog Post

Javier Hermosa
Javier HermosaChief Executive Officer

Welcome to our first blog post. Krater is a young company founded in Mid 2021 with the goal of disrupting the Proof of Work mining industry and establish a new standard.

We are building the first real-time data based Marketplace for PoW mining and have integrated a full management and monitoring software with it.

Our software offers among other features:

  • ASIC Management (change pools, restart, shutdown and start machines) and monitoring (temps, hashrate, alerts, logsā€¦).
  • Manage multiple locations with different energy prices.
  • Manage multiple customers (if you offer hosting) and set price tiers for these.
  • Provide accounts for customers with different levels of control for them. They can change pools or restart machines from Krater without having to go through your support channels if the provider wishes so.
  • Automate invoice generation and payments.
  • Scheduling system for curtailment (turn off machines between certain times and dates to comply with grid requirements).

On Krater, a single mining Customer can own machines at several Data Centers paying different prices for energy. Customers and Providers can send and receive payments respectively using our innovative polygon blockchain based payments system. Each account has a Smart Non-Custodial Wallet associated and under their full control (using i.e. their own Metamask Wallet). Payments in USDC are transferred daily between customers and providers based on the Energy Reports generated by Krater for each customer.

Contact us to start using Krater now!