The First Hosted ASIC Arrived

Javier Hermosa
Javier HermosaChief Executive Officer

We’re super proud to announce the listing of our first Hosted ASIC on Krater’s Marketplace. This is one step further towards our goal of becoming the first Real-Time Marketplace for Mining Hardware and Hosting.

A Hosted ASIC is an ASIC on sale on our Marketplace that is already added to our Monitoring and Management Software. This allow us to show Real-Time statistics of the machine for sale.

This gives a huge two-fold advantage to our customers:

  • They can purchase an ASIC that they can immediately control through their Krater Dashboard and configure as soon as they pay.
  • They can make a data-driven decision to purchase an ASIC based not only on theoretical values, but on the real time measured performance and power consumption as well as seeing the operational temperature of the machine.

The level of transparency that this feature provides is previously unseen in this industry. We strive to establish the new operating standard for this space and today’s announcement is a huge step in this direction.

Some New Features:

1. Users can simply filter for the “Availability” of “Hosted” ASIC miners to find them quickly and easily.

Hosted filter selected

2. On the "Details" page of a Hosted ASIC, you will find a new tab labeled "Krater Realtime Statistics". This tab displays real-time information about the hardware's status, which is obtained directly from the device.

Realtime statistics

3. Hosted ASICs now have a new tab labeled "Location Information" that provides details about where the ASIC is hosted. Clicking on this tab will display the full details about the location as well as information about the hosting provider.

Location information

4. Hosted ASICs now offer the option to switch between "Nominal" and "Realtime" information in the "Income" tab.

Hosted filter selected
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